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March 2022

Episode: KPN 29-3-2022

Kaladan Radio March 29, 2022 213 3

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North Korea expanding ties with military council

The Burmese military council, which is increasingly isolated among the rest of the world, is secretly re-engaging with North Korea, which has expanded ties under previous regimes.

In a article on March 23 in the Hong Kong-based ASIA Times, Bertil Lintner, a well-known journalist, said Ukraine could end its arms sales to Burma, whether Ukraine wins or loses in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. Recently, the military council was expanding military ties with the North Korean government.

Russia and Ukraine are among the countries selling arms to the Burmese military council.

However, Ukraine will not sell more weapons to the junta because the US-led West, which is currently assisting Ukraine, opposes the Burmese military council. The military council may be expanding relations with North Korea, CDM Captain Lin Htet Aung said.

“The Burmese dictator seems to be envious of North Korea, the US-led West backing the main source of support for Ukraine, which opposes Russia, I think Ukraine will not be able to sell arms to the Burmese military again.”

Bertil Lintner, a well-known journalist

“The Burmese dictator seems to be envious of North Korea,” he said. “With the US-led West backing the main source of support for Ukraine, which opposes Russia, I think Ukraine will not be able to sell arms to the Burmese military again.”

Naing Tun Aung, permanent secretary at the Ministry of Defense, NUG National Unity Government said the North Korean government would expand relations with the Burmese military council may be possible.

“All the people in the country are not accept the military council and most of the world also does not recognize it at all,” he said. In this situation, the military council want to rule the people with arms. Military council will definitely work with countries that are threatening other countries to make it stronger. Therefore, it is very likely that cooperation with North Korea will be possible. This is a matter of particular concern for democracy and global stability. Therefore, pro-democracy, there is an urgent need to increase cooperation and mutual assistance between countries that want peace and stability around the world. “

Mann Aung Naing Kyi, commander of the Burma Independence Brigade in the south,under People’s Defense Army in Kayin State; said there was no reason for Min Aung Hlaing to become like North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un because of the active efforts of the entire Burmese population, including the current younger generation.

“Like-minded people gather together,” he said. So he will find a way out. He will build with his weapons. At present, he is pretending to be militarily. In fact, he has lost. Politically, we are very noble. The military has not been able to decide yet. But we will win. Frankly, everything Min Aung Hlaing did was right. Once upon a time, his god was competing with my god. He competes on his own. His people, my people, are noble and compete. But when Min Aung Hlaing stood up, everyone was united. That is the message of history. Many people born in Myanmar are easily forgotten. I have a habit of being temporary. But this time it was not just a moment. Even if the ethnic armed groups can’t help much, they can help. Just like this

A spokesman for the military council, General Zaw Min Tun, was quoted by RFA as saying in an ASIA Times article that relations with North Korea were “expanding.”

South Korea is currently one of the main Asian backers of Burma’s spring revolution. South Korea, a pro-democracy activist in South Korea, told RFA that South Korea, which opposes North Korea and has good relations with the United States, will certainly be watching the progress of the coup d’etat.

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