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January 2023

Episode: KPN 29-01-2023

Kaladan Radio January 29, 2023 612 4

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No chose to study favorite subject, not allowed to attend Sittwe University of Technology and no master degree course

There are two universities in Sittwe Township, Rakhine State as Sittwe University and Sittwe University of Technology, where the Rohingya students were only allowed to attend Sittwe University and not the University of Technology.

Due to the conflict that occurred in 2012, Rohingya students have not been allowed to attend university – higher education for a decade and have not been allowed to complete their education even up to high school level.

Since last year 2022, Rohingya students have only been allowed to re-attend some schools in the region where they live in Rakhine State and Sittwe University.

It has been observed that the young Rohingya who have been away from university higher education for a decade and have worked hard to return to university education, are part of the Rakhine student union groups along with the Sittwe Muslim student union.

The Rohingya must recognize the Sittwe Muslim Student Union and the Rakhine Student Union, which worked as part of their efforts to return to university education. Due to the joint efforts of these two groups, the Rohingya students were able to resume their university education, and activities were found to lead to the restoration of friendship and harmony between the two ethnic groups in Rakhine State, the Rohingya and the Rakhine public.

Rakhine student unions also attend Islamic religious festivals. Rohingya students also attend Rakhine festivals. Youths from both sides hold traditional events together. Seeing their education and working together for the development of the future generation of young people in Rakhine State is a good sign for the future of Rakhine State.

Currently, Rohingya students have good grades but want to apply for their favorite subject (major), but they are only allowed to attend the subject chosen by the relevant education department. It has been learned that vocational majors have been discriminated against Rohingya students.

At Sittwe University, some students have the opportunity to choose their favorite subjects, but some of them are only enrolled in the subjects which choose by the relevant education department, so they can’t choose their favorite subjects. Not having the opportunity to study the subject of their interest is the same as being cut off from those young people in the future. For them, it is not the case that they are attending because they really like it, but it is a situation where they only have the opportunity to attend university in the name of education.

Among the universities in Sittwe, Rohingyas are only allowed to attend Sittwe University, and Sittwe University of Technology is currently not allowed to attend. The relevant education department expects the Rohingya people to provide equal education in accordance with human rights without discrimination.

In addition, Rohingya students at Sittwe University are not allowed to choose a law degree, and those who get it are not allowed to attend and have to change subjects to attend.

Most of the Rohingya students who had completed their education before 2012 did not receive their graduation certificate. There are many people who are not allowed to continue attending school for these certificate.

In the current situation, it believe that Rohingya students having access to university education is a positive sign for stability and peace in Rakhine State, and can lead to the re-development of inter-ethnic harmony and love.

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